“Thanks to my passion for nature and everything that defines it, it was almost impossible not to love aquatic plants. In 2006 I started my first aquarium, learning different techniques, always striving to improve myself, and to offer the aquatic plants the best conditions. I started experimenting with personalized fertilizer formulas to give my plants the best nutrition. I was always hard to find and I rarely left the house because I was always looking through forums, articles and scientific studies about aquatic plants. 

Of course, when I wasn’t busy with my research, I had both hands in the aquariums. Then, in 2016, I decided to offer other people the opportunity to use my personalized fertilizer formulas, later known as MasterLine. A brand that satisfies more and more aquarists from all over the world. Today, MasterLine includes a wide range of modern fertilizer formulas and other products, which were developed out of passion for aquaristics, and which aim to satisfy the needs of all aquarists. The fact that aquarists are satisfied when they use our products motivates us to develop better and better products.’’ 

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