Design and install filtration system for the pond with total water body volume 70000L. Mr LiuFei pays a great attention to the harmony of environment and human beings. Every tree and bush, flower and leaves are attaining the greatest harmony in the garden. The Mountain Tree team has to take this harmony into consideration under the prerequisite of ensuring the filter effect. 



Based on the exisisting filter system, Mountain Tree team has installed the filter brush, lotus root bacteria house 2nd generation, filter mat and skimmer for different filtration purposes. 



Starting in 2018, Mr. LiuFei began to raise koi from one of the most famous home-breed koi farms, Guobin koi farm, in China. Until March 2020, these koi have grown about 30 cm and reached 70 cm already. The water is healthy and crystal clear. The fish are lively and bright in color. 



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